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1.     Characteristics and Objectives 


  Competitiveness and expertness increasing of the cooperating subjects (in terms of TP and outside) in the branch of railway vehicles; especially of its interface with other subsystems of the railway sector

Working priorities:

  intensify pursuit of the long-term cooperation of the public and private sector in the interfaces of railway vehicles

  intensify the interdisciplinarity of research, development and international cooperation

  conditions increasing for the human resource development


  project-directed expert working team which covers the wide problem range of the railway vehicles and their interfaces by its specialization

  sharing of related expert and organization skills between the main members of the group and in terms of the whole TP



2.     Contents of Activities 

Work topics:

Railway vehicle – sound emissions and vibrations

  sound emissions in the railway system, effectivity of the sound protection measures, practical carrying out and evaluation of the related tests, sound parameters research at the wheel-rail contact, development of new measuring and testing facilities

Railway vehicle – track

  force effects at the wheel-rail contact, research in the area of measuring technology, new evaluation procedures, research of the safety-relevant parameters of the vehicles during their position on the twisted track, centripetal acceleration effect due to the cant

Railway vehicle – interior

  applied research of the interior elements effects to the passive safety of the passengers, simulation of persons movement in the vehicle interior during the vehicle impact and the possible injuries, international legislation, fire safety requirements to the interior elements

Railway vehicle – aerodynamics

  measuring of the relevant force effects, related international legislation, influence of surrounding conditions to the measurement results 

Railway vehicle – dimensions

  design dimensions requirements to the railway vehicles from the point of view of limiting (reference) dimensions, international legislation, linkage to the relevant technical vehicle features

Railway vehicle – common service safety

  relation between the vehicle components features (failure intensity / frequency) and its resulting probable incident frequency

Work outputs: research reports, measuring reports, expert evidences, functional and industrial designs, benefits for the working team activity, consultations, cooperation

Interoperability contribution: discussion submissions to the international legislation actualization, attendance in the work of many international working groups with the referred direction


3.    Personnel Structure  


Ing. Zdeněk Malkovský, Ph.D.

Deputy of the Manager

Ing. Jiří Jelének


Ing. Jaroslav Grim, Ph.D.

Ing. Jiří Hanuš

doc. Ing. Josef Kolář, CSc.

Ing. Lukáš Hejzlar 

Ing. Martin Kohout, Ph.D.

Other Associates


staff members of the companies acting in the railway vehicle branch 


4.     Specific Collaboration with TP Members


Member of TP IZI

Content and Focus on Cooperation

Elektrizace železnic Praha, a.s.

interface current collector-contact line

VUZ, a.s.

sound emission, vibrations, running properties of the vehicles

ČVUT faculty of civil engineering

interior and its fire properties


sound emission, vibrations


interior features, passive safety

Eurosignal a.s.

general safety of the railway vehicle's operation according to CSM RA

Skanska a.s.

assessment of OTM

Vyšší odborná škola a Střední průmyslová škola strojní, stavební a dopravní, Děčín, p.o.

participation in school education actions (according to the agreement)


5.     Overview of Initiated and Completed Projects (since 2014) 

Project Title/Acronym:  Secured Urban Transportation – European Demonstration / SECUR-ED

Project No.: 7FP, GA No. 261605
Funded by: participants + EC dotation

Implementation Period: 2011–14

Total Budget: 40 Mill. EUR
 Thales TCS, Fr.

Coordinator: Thales TCS, Fr.

Consortium: 40 European and Asian companies (VÚKV rule: member of Advisory group Industry)

Project Goal/Project Benefits: increasing of the common operation safety of railway vehicles in the city transport systems


Project Title/Acronym: Technic for the force effects measuring in the wheel-rail contact / TESIL

Project No.: TA 02030776
Funded by: participants + TA ČR dotation

Implementation Period: 2011–15

Total Budget: 21.4 Mill. CZK
 VÚKV a.s.

Coordinator: VÚKV a.s.

Consortium: + UPa  

Project Goal/Project Benefits: research in the area of measuring technology for force conditions determination between the wheel and rail


Project Title/Acronym: Advanced stationary test processes of railway vehicles / TWIST

Project No.: TH 0101529
Funded by: participants + TA ČR dotation

Implementation Period: 2015–18

Total Budget: 17.42 Mill. CZK
 VÚKV a.s.

Coordinator: VÚKV a.s.

Consortium: VÚKV a.s.

Project Goal/Project Benefits: applied research in the area of safety relevant parameters ascertaining of railway vehicles


Project Title/Acronym:  Competence centre of railway vehicles / CKDV

Project No.: TE 01020038
Funded by: participants + TA ČR dotation

Implementation Period: 2012–19

Total Budget: 340.23 Mill. CZK

Coordinator: ZČU

Consortium: + UPa, ČVUT, VZLÚ a.s., Eurosignal a.s., CZ LOKO a.s., DAKO-CZ a.s., LEGIOS a.s., MSV elektronika s.r.o., ŠKODA ELECTRIC a.s., Škoda Transportation a.s., VÚKV a.s., Wikov MGI a.s. (situation in the time of project approval)

Project Goal/Project Benefits: increasing of competitiveness of the Czech Republic in the railway vehicle branch, strengthening cooperation in the branch, strengthening of the research staff mobility, research and development strengthening in the railway vehicle branch


Project Title/Acronym: Assessment of the vehicle running quality in the confined directional conditions,          compressive forces (shortened)

Funded by: participants

Implementation Period: 2017-2018

Total Budget: 3 Mill. CZK

Consortium: SŽDC, DFJP UPa, VÚKV     

Project Goal/Project Benefits: obtaining the groundwork for the rules of the pushed train operation


Project Title/Acronym: Numerical simulation of the noise emissions from the bogie when the vehicle´s passing 
Funded by: participants

Implementation Period: 2017-2018

Total Budget: 13,2 Mill. CZK

Consortium: VÚKV, MECAS ESI     

Project Goal/Project Benefits: obtaining the groundwork for the methodology for the track and railway wheel model for the vehicle´s passing simulation



6.     Activities carried out within TP       


 - participation in the work of TP (managing board, conference, negotiations, TP documents)

 - participation in the work of ACRI Academy (e.g. seminars about the new legislation in the branch of the railway regulations)

- external teaching at ČVUT and UPa

- training of the inceptor studies participants, railway vehicles branch

- participation in the working groups of the national and international standardization: CEN WG 1, 2, 10, 21, 32, 47, ISO WG 1

- participation in the special seminars of ERA

- participation in the work of ERA working group

- trade fairs, expert meetings....national, international

- member of UNIFE

- participation in the international actions related to the S2R program