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International Cooperation

1. Characteristics and Objectives

Activities of the International Cooperation Expert Group (hereinafter referred to as IC) are focused primarily on cooperation with the European Rail Technology Platform ERRAC (European Rail Research Advisory Council).

At the same time, it receives up-to-date information on HORIZON (HORIZON 2020 or HORIZON EUROPE), Shift2Rail (Shift2Rail-1, Shift2Rail-2) and other European programs.

It coordinates and ensures cooperation of TP with other National Technology Platforms (NTPs).

It cooperates with the International Railway Union - UIC, monitors and supports the activities of the International Railway Research Board (IRRB) and the Research and Innovation Coordination Group (RICG).

IC also supports the development of railway transport between Europe and Asia, including involvement in the “New Silk Road Initiative” (BRI - Belt and Road Initiatives).


2. Content of Activities

IC Expert Group represents TP at the plenary meeting of the European Rail

  Technology Platform – ERRAC. The IC transmits the conclusions of the ERRAC

  plenary meetings to the management and members of the TP.

It provides to TP members and other expert groups information about new  European

   conceptual plans and new technologies focused on railway.

- It coordinates the involvement of TP members in the projects of program HORIZON,

  Shift2Rail and other European programs, including finding potential partners and

  consortia in abroad.

-  It controls the implementation of the Memorandum and the Annual Cooperation Plan

   concluded with other National Railway Platforms.

It monitors the activities and conclusions of the meetings of the UIC - IRRB and RICG

   and transmits them to the management and TP members. It tries to use the database

   of research institutions UIC (WORC) in the Czech Republic.

It collaborates with HKTDC - Hong Kong Trade Development Council in involving TP

   in the New Silk Road initiative and in promoting railway transport between Europe and


It organizes workshops and seminars on issues related to IC Expert Group activities 

   in the international field (ERRAC, HORIZON, Shift2Rail, UIC, New Silk Road etc.).

-  It participates in the education of young experts for the railway sector by organizing

   the Student Scientific Conferences.


3. Personnel Structure

Manager prof. Ing. Josef Jíra, CSc. (ČVUT)
Deputy of the Manager Ing. Jaroslav Vašátko (TP IZI)
Secretary Ing. Jitka Řezníčková, CSc. (ČVUT)

Bc. Martin Král (Správa železnic)

Ing. Zdeněk Kaufmann (TP IZI)

doc. Ing. Vít Fábera, Ph.D. (ČVUT)

Věra Holoubková (TP IZI)

Mgr. Eva Tetíková (VUZ)

Ing. Antonín Blažek, Ph.D. (enteria)

Other collaborators

Ing. Jaroslav Grim, Ph.D. (TP IZI)


4. Specific Collaboration with TP Members

ČVUT Praha Cooperation in the organization of the Student Scientific Conferences, cooperation in the use of database research institutions.
VUT Brno Cooperation in the organization of workshops, support for cooperation with other National TP, cooperation in solving S2R projects.
VUZ Participation in cooperation TP with ERRAC and in the involvement of TP members in the H-2020 and S2R projects.
Univerzita Pardubice

Cooperation in the solution of S2R projects.