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 1.        Characteristics and Objectives 

 ES IRRB is focused on supporting the activities of the Czech IRRB Vice-Chairman. 

It participates in the performance of tasks resulting from the approved strategy IRRB.

It organizes seminars and workshops with expert focusing on IRRB, on the global needs of railways in the world, priority research themes and coordination of global research capabilities for their solution.


2.        Contents of Activities

 Cooperation in fulfilling the GVRD - Global Vision Research Development - global vision IRRB and UIC, cooperation in the design of the priority research topics.

Creating a global overview of research capacities – establishing  a database of research institutions under the name WORC - World-class Research Capacity Plan.

Support for the development of railway transport between Europe and Asia, organizing workshops  and proposing research topics for this support.



3.        Personnel Structure 


prof. Ing. Josef Jíra, CSc. (ČVUT)

Deputy of the Manager

Ing. Jaroslav Vašátko (VUZ)


Ing. Jitka Řezníčková, CSc. (ČVUT)

Bc. Martin Král (SŽDC)

Ing. Zdeněk Kaufmann

Ing. Martina Vitteková, Ph.D. (ČVUT)

Other Associates

Ing. Jaroslav Grim, Ph.D. – (VUZ), IRRB Vice-Chairman

Ing. Petra Lazarová (VUZ) – solutionist WORC

Ing. Boris Šraut, CSc. – solutionist  WORC


4.        Specific Collaboration with the Technology Platform Members

Member of TP IŽI

Content and Focus on Cooperation

CTU Prague

Cooperation on the database solution

VUT Brno

Cooperation in the organization of workshops

AZD Praha

Cooperation in the organization of workshops


5.        Overview of Initiated and Completed projects (since 2014) 

Project Title/Acronym:  Database of research institutions / WORC

Project No.:
Funded by: from the budget of the UIC

Implementation Period: Stage I. – 2014 - 2016

Total Budget: Stage I. – 600.000,- CZC
VUZ and CTU Prague


Coordinator: VUZ

Consortium: -----


Project Goal / Project Benefits:

The project objective is to create a global overview of research institutions with their professional orientation, technical equipment and concrete involvement in international projects and other international activities. The benefit of the project is to increase the prestige TP, getting interesting contacts and the ability to participate in solution  of the selected research topics.


6.        Information on the Activities Carried out by the IRRB Expert Group

Organization of workshops within the IRICON project:

·         Workshop - Create conditions for broader organized used of  container rail traffic between Europe and Asia

·           Workshop -  Use of satellite navigation to support the movement of trains

·           Workshop -  Increasing line capacity

·           Workshop -  Technological support of integrated transport systems (IDS)

·           Workshop -  Strategies and tools for managing rail transport

·           Workshop -  Information technology in vehicles of CD 

Other activities: 

·           Organization of IRRB seminar (03/2016)

·           Organization of student scientific conference under name 'Interoperability of rail transport

      –   IRICON 2016“ (05/2016)

·           Participation in organization of seminar under name "Results and project implementation Foster Rail“