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   1.      Characteristics and Objectives

 Characteristic and Objectives of the professional focus:

a)    Main  supervisor  of  research and  development  railway organizations  and testing institutes (professional and technological capacities, possibilities of solution results verification, experimental verification, laboratory tests)

b)   Initiator of preparation for involvement of Czech research organizations into research teams of European projects within the European consortia that are capable of administrative and professional management

c)    Providing support for railway research through national and European programs - promoting the requirements of Czech railway industry, universities and research institutes, dealing with railway research, development and testing, including ensuring the cooperation with ETP - ERRAC

d)  Representation of TP, universities and other TP members, their professional knowledge and research and development capabilities, in particular to ensure an active collaboration with Czech Ministry of Transport and Czech railway infrastructure manager (SZDC)

e)    Promoting a wider participation and active involvement of TP members and employees of Czech Ministry of Transport and Czech railway infrastructure manager (SZDC) in training of students and postgraduate students in order to get them for work in railway companies


   2.      Contents of Activities


a)  Preparation and monitoring of possibilities of the TP and their members involvement into projects and other activities of Shift2Rail initiative, incl. participation in Shift2Rail and railway chapter of Horizon 2020 projects

b)   Ensuring of supervision of the TP and their members participation in the Shift2Rail initiative; comprehensive ensuring of system supervision, processing and evaluation of benefits for the rail sector in the Czech Republic

c)    An active support of the TP and their members involvement in UTR projects arising from the collaboration of Ministry of Transport and SZDC, including the preparation of project proposals and related projects, mainly focusing on cooperation with universities and research institutes

d)    Preparation of project ideas which will lead to assignment or adjustment of UTR projects system of SZDC


   3.      Personnel Structure         


Jaroslav Grim

Deputy manager

Lukáš Hejzlar


Petr Hloušek

Miroslava Hruzíková

Jiří Jelének

Tomáš Konopáč

Ivo Malina

Vít Malinovský

Danuše Marusičová

Jaromír Zelenka

 Other collaborators

Jaroslav Vašátko

Zdeněk Kaufmann

   4.      Specific Collaboration with Technology Platform Members        

Member of TP IŽI

Content and Focus on Cooperation



   5.      Overview of Initiated and Completed Projects (since 2014)

Project title/Acronym: FOSTER RAIL – Future of Surface Transport Research Rail

Project No.: 605734

Funded by: 7. EU Framework Programme

Implementation period: 1.5.2013 – 30.4.2016

Total budget: about 1,8 mil. EUR

Coordinator: UIC – International Union of Railways


Project goal / benefits: strengthening the research and innovation strategies of the transport industries in Europe. This research action is a Level 1 coordination and support action aiming at supporting the land transport European technology platforms activities. This action assists ERRAC and the other transport-related European technology platforms (ETP) in defining research needs for their strategies and programmes in order to realize the objectives of the Europe-2020 strategy and further on the vision of the White Paper 2011 for a competitive and resource-efficient future transport system. This project is an essential support tool to provide a Railway business scenario for the timeframe from now on until 2050.


Project title/Acronym: IRICoN – Interoperability of railway infrastructure competence network

Project No.: ESF CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0176

Funded by: Operational Programme Research for Competitiveness - OP VK

Implementation period: 05/2013 – 08/2015

Total budget: about 31 mil. CZK

Beneficiary: VUT Brno

Consortium: none, IZI was a partner

Project goal / benefits: improving the quality of human resources for research and development and improving the training of target groups in the field of interoperability of rail infrastructure. The focus of the project was the involvement of young scientists in an advisory expert groups for members of managing and executive parts of European network IZI, which was established for the purpose of preparing the rules and conditions for implementing interoperability of European rail system. The European network IZI includes authorities, institutions, associations and expert teams, cooperating in the management, coordination and executive activities in the area of interoperability of the European rail system. The established advisory expert groups, called "mirror groups" reflected the activities of the European network IZI with a differentiated focus on individual parts of this network. This objective meant a training of existing and new team members of mirror groups so that these members ensure a support for a member of part of the European network IZI, provide major ideas and become prospective successors to the members of this network.




6.      Information on the Activities Carried out by the RESEARCH Expert Group      

Overview of the most important activities undertaken within the IRICoN project

a)    Participation in a national conference „Exchange of experience with software system SIMPACK“

b)   Participation in an international conference „13. Internationale Schienenfahrzeug-tagung Rad – Schiene 2014“

c)    Participation in research fellowships at Technische Universität Dresden, Professur für Gestaltung von Bahnanlagen

d)   Participation in a national conference Czech Raildays 2014

e)    Participation in research fellowship at Tatravagónka, a.s., Poprad

f)    Participation in research fellowship at Politechnika Śląska Gliwice, Wydział Transportu, Katedra transportu szynowego

g)    Participation in an international conference „42. Tagung Moderne Schienen-fahrzeuge“

h)   Organizing of workshops Theoretical and experimental research I and II

i)     Organizing of annual review conferences

j)     Participation in an international conference InnoTrans 2014

k)   Participation in an international conference Vibroengineering 2014

l)     Participation in a national conference „30th Conference with International Participation Computational Mechanics 2014“