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1.      Characteristics and Objectives 

 Main objectives:

·         Transfer output from individual expert groups into activities of top European railway institutions and bodies (SERAC, RISC, CER, etc.).

·         Formation of a national position to the documents under discussion in the European railway institutions and bodies.

·         Sharing relevant expertise and organizational knowledge and support for expert groups and experts throughout the TP.

·         Creating conditions for the development of human resources and support for the involvement of experts in European institutions.

·         Increase expertise of collaborating organizations and entities at the national level and thereby enhancing the competitiveness of rail transport.



2.      Contents of Activities 

 System Solutions Expert Group continues its activities to the activities of other working groups. The purpose is to coordinate and transfer outputs of other groups into activities of top bodies SERAC, RISC and CER Working Group ERA Steering Unit.

The Expert Group creates an environment for discussion about currently solved problems associated with the whole standardization process, aiming to create the conditions for interoperability and is an important support for an entire group of experts, involved in this process at various levels, from the preparation of directives and their application documents and manuals up to the preparation of European standards.

Within the Expert Group are discussed current issues presented in RISC, SERAC and CER Working Group ERA Steering Unit. Members of the Expert Group, also in the framework of its activities, discuss issues with the presentation of various interested experts from groups. They are looking for applications of the results obtained in the scientific and research activities and their impact on the discussion of the relevant topics. Obtained results and suggestions are passed on through representatives who interpret them at meetings of the working groups and bodies.

Formation of national position on proposed and prepared documents in European legislation in the railway transport is thus very complex and complicated matter involving issues of the whole railway. These positions which are presented in the European institutions must also be coordinated and interrelated. They must also be linked with the activities of other expert groups. A great benefit is a cooperation with universities when documents approved by RISC become learning material and simultaneously so there are incentives for entering the specialized work as well as incentives for science and research.


3.             Personnel Structure 


Mgr. Ing. Radek Čech, Ph.D.

Deputy of the Manager

Ing. Martin Švehlík


Ing. Petr Kolář

Ing. Václav Souček, Ph.D.


Other Associates

Other experts and officials of companies operating in the area of railway transport.


4.             Specific Collaboration with TP Members 

Member of TP IŽI

Content and Focus on Cooperation


Interoperability, TSI implementation, creation of national positions for RISC


The European legislation (regulations, directives, etc.), involvement of members into teaching, creation of national positions for RISC

Internally SŽDC

Interoperability, TSI implementation, creation of national positions for RISC


Interoperability, TSI implementation, etc.


5.             Overview of Initiated and Completed Projects (since 2014)

Project Title/Acronym: Preparatory studies and activities of organizational structures of Rail Freight Corridor 5

Project No.: 2012-EU-94126-S

Funded by: EU Grant up to 50% of eligible costs

Implementation Period: 01/03/2013 to 31/12/2015

Total Budget: 1 930 000 EUR



Project Goal/Project Benefits: Preparatory studies and activities needed to establish the organizational structure of the rail freight corridor RFC 5 (Baltic-Adriatic corridor) pursuant Regulation (EU) No. 913/2010 of The European Parliament and of The Council of 22 September 2010 concerning a European rail network for competitive freight.


Project Title/Acronym:  Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 1315/2013 of The European Parliament and of The Council of 11 December 2013 on Union guidelines for the development of trans-European transport network and interact with TSI - Infrastructure

Project No.: S-204-430/2014

Funded by: EU Grant

Implementation Period:  01/01/2014 to 31/12/2015



6.        Activities carried out within TP and IRICoN



·          Participation in the work TP (Management Board, conferences, meetings, documents TP).

·          Participation in the work of the ACRI Academy (for example. a workshop on the new European legislation in the area of rail transport).

·          External teaching and cooperation at UPa, ZČU a ČVUT.

·          Training of participants doctoral studies.

·          Active participation in relevant international and national conferences and workshops (UIC, ERA, etc.).

·          Membership in European institutions and organizations and active participation in their meetings (RISC, SERAC and CER Working Group ERA Steering Unit).

·          Participation in international events related to the European legislation and TSI.

·          Coordination and creation of the position of RISC.



·          Developing human potential in research and innovation, notably through post-graduate studies and training of researchers and cooperation within networks between universities, research centres and companies.

·          Interoperability at European and national level.

·          Mediation of information about the preparation and implementation of European legislation in the rail sector.

·          Organization and arranging conferences, meetings, document processing within the project IRICoN.