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Scientific Council 

Technology Platform activities and the follow-up activities of the Scientific Council, which replaces the R & D Council (approved by the Management Board on 24 November 2010), respond to the fact that rail transport growth is hindering obstacles related to lack of funding for the development of railway infrastructure. Through its suggestions and recommendations, the Scientific Council will contribute to the continuous streamlining of the technological activities of the Technology Platform, in particular the need to achieve greater cost-effectiveness in the construction of railway lines and facilities and their equipment, in line with the requirements of European rail interoperability.

The Scientific Council, to achieve progressively related goals, will recommend a solution of research and development projects addressing in particular:

  • to achieve the goals of the approved priority areas of Technology Platform activities:
  • HSL in the Czech Republic
  • implementation of a unified electric traction in the Czech Republic
  • Infrastructure Maintenance Management 
  • the projects, whose focus and results correspond to the demands of "industry challenges" with innovative potential enhancing the competitiveness and commercial success of the Technology Platform industry members and the partners of railway operational practice, and above all the projects that can be the starting point for creating conditions that follow the intention associated with the "technological foresight".

Concurrently, the Scientific Council will draw on the main objectives and intentions of EU transport policy and related other European Community dispositions, strategic substantive following decisions of the Czech Republic Government, related strategic documents of the Ministry of Transport, especially the strategic intentions of industrial companies - the members of the Technology Platform.

The Scientific Council members will also work together to amend the relevant substantive rules and standards, following in particular those relating to the interoperability of the European rail system.

The Scientific Council will also comment on the forthcoming intentions related to the management of the Technology Platform professional activities

In addition, the Scientific Council shall specifically:

  • evaluate the results of selected Technology Platform projects
  • propose the extension of possibilities of application selected projects results in practice (activities) of the Czech railway industry and railway undertakings. Regarding that, Technology Platform will prepare topics related to:
    • the factual focus of the Technology Platform projects, their goals in terms of the use of modern mathematical apparatus, mathematical methods and the related use of computer technology incl. specialized software tools
    • the use of new sensing methods, measurement of the relevant quantities and their evaluation in the framework of railway technology tests.

Concurrently, the Scientific Council will

  • participate in the preparation of concrete themes for the calls of the European Horizon2020 program, particularly in the framework of its "railway chapter" of the Joint Undertaking Shift2Rail.

Furthermore, the Scientific Council will actively influence

  • expand the participation of the Technology Platform partners – members in the technical universities education, focusing the diploma and doctoral theses related to the Technology Platform activities.

As a basis for a topic processing and recommendations, the Technology Platform office, in cooperation with expert groups, will forward the Scientific Council the information on the state of preparation and progress of the platform projects.

Personnel Structure of the Scientific Council


prof. Ing. Ondřej Jiroušek, Ph.D. - ČVUT


doc. Ing. Otto Plášek, Ph.D. - VUT

doc. Ing. Jaromír Zelenka, CSc. - Upa

doc. Ing. Jaroslav Matuška, Ph.D. - UPa

doc. Ing. Lukáš Týfa, Ph.D. - ČVUT

doc. Ing. Pavel Drábek, Ph.D. - ZČU

doc. Ing. Tomáš Brandejský, Ph.D. - ČVUT

doc. Ing. Hana Krejčiříková, CSc. - ČVUT

prof. Ing. Václav Cempírek, Ph.D. - VŠLG

Ing. Vladimír Kampík - AŽD

Ing. Danuše Marusičová - TP

Ing. Martin Pichl, Ph.D. - MD

Mgr. Ing. Radek Čech, Ph.D. - Správa železnic

Ing. Jaroslav Grim, Ph.D. - TP

Ing. Petr Kavan, Ph.D. - Eurosignal

Ing. Bohuslav Dohnal - TP

Ing. Leoš Horníček, Ph.D. - ČVUT

Ing. Ivan Fencl, Ph.D. - VŠB-TUO

Ing. Jiří Jelének - VÚKV