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The position and role of the Czech Technology Platform in the area of interoperability of trans-european railway network

Requirements related to ensuring railway interoperability were initiated by the intention of the European Union (EU) to prepare conditions for the integration of the European railway industry and the origination of a single market for its products and these are expressed in the EC Regulations on the interoperability of the trans-European high-speed and conventional railway system. These requirements must be applied in construction, related production and maintenance of railways.

The interoperability of the railway system ensures, among others, the compatibility of the railway infrastructure of individual member EU states.

One of means for the achievement of the interoperability is the division of the European railway system into sub-systems:

  • infrastructure (rails, switches, constructions),
  • energy (electrification equipment, overhead trolley lines),
  • control, command and signalling (equipment for ensuring the safety, control and regulation of the movement of trains),
  • interface (current collectors, wheel-rail interface, etc.)

These sub-systems are part of the so-called large railway infrastructure. The contextual scope of the sub-systems is covered by construction and production activities of the Technology platform industrial partners.

For the competitiveness of the firms (in the near future, not only domestic ones) it is especially very important to keep and expand the ratio in the expected rapid development of the Czech and European railway infrastructure. In paralel, it concerns the unrepeatable opportunity for companies to ensure in advance higher competitiveness when winning orders focused on the implementation of the technical linkage of the trans-European railway network.

The purposefully and system oriented preparation of the Czech industry through cooperation within the Technology Platform with the use of new progressive technologies is an important precondition of its future success in both domestic and European market.