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Board of Evaluators

The Board of Evaluators is composed of scientific, research and pedagogical experts from the workplaces of the members of the Association and from abroad. The members of the Board of Evaluators are divided into subsystems:

- Infrastructure

- Energy

- Control Command and Signalling

- System Solutions

- Circular Economics

The members of the Board of Evaluators participate in the elaboration of projects, studies, methodologies, assessments and other documents that are submitted by the Association within the framework of contractual relations with the clients. At the same time, they cooperate with the leaders of Expert Groups if they are asked to cooperate. In the case of cooperation with the evaluators, the Association concludes Agreements on work performed outside the employment relationship. The Board of Evaluators is updated once a year, always at the beginning of the calendar year.

Composition of the Board of Evaluators according to the field of activity