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The Czech Technology Platform is an interested association of twenty two entities such as, manufacturing companies, universities, research and project centres/ organisations from the area of civil railway engineering, which participate in the investment production and maintenance of the railway infrastructure in the Czech Republic, in the areas of infrastructure, energy, control, command and signaling.

The association has been a legal entity since 4th January 2008. It has been validated by REA as a legal entity, non-profit, private organisation. Its objective is the linkage of the scientific and technical potential of universities, research and project institutes together with the production potential of construction and manufacturing companies for the implementation of the following areas of activities:

  1. Support of innovation and increase of competitiveness of the members of the Association.
  2. Structuring and support of implementation of development, research and testing projects ensuring the existing production of the members of the Association with the requirements of the technical specifications of interoperability (TSI) of the Trans-European railway system in the sub-systems of infrastructure, energy, control, command and signalling.
  3. Acquiring of financial funds for implementation of these projects.
  4. The application of the ratio of the members of the Association in international (European) activities related to the creation of new regulations for construction, production and maintenance and related tests and evaluation of the production of the European railway industry.

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